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Top 20 Best Extensions to Fantastic Customize Google+

The design of Google + does not convince you through? Would you like to add some functionality to the popular social network Google? Would you like to integrate Facebook or Twitter + G? Anything is possible, just a bit of javascript and php, and maybe the day is done! Of course there are people who facilitated the task for us and has created many scripts that we can import our browser to extend the functionality of Google +.

The list that I’m going to describe to you, including as many as 21 to be taken between scripts userscripts (which can be installed on Firefox – Chrome – Opera) and extensions dedicated to some specific browsers. The only qualification is relevant for users of Mozilla Firefox because, to use scripts userscripts, you will first need to install Greasemonkey .

1. Google Plus Header Hider : Hides the black bar on top of the screen. To make it reappear, simply pass the mouse over it.

2. Enhancer + Google : add a counter of unread items in items Gmail, Reader, Calendar.

3. Google + Manager (Firefox) and Goo Manager Plus (Chrome): allows you to set keyboard shortcuts or add a button to the translation next to each stream.

4. Google Tweaks Plus (also available as an extension for Chrome ) allows management and the addition of many features of Google + how to expand the page in full screen, enable or disable the comments, to preview images in roll-over and much more.

5. Adhikar (Safari, Chrome): similar to Google Plus Tweaks.

6. Google + Commander : lets you add keyboard shortcuts to actions to share comments, notifications, stream and navigation between pages, profiles, photos, and more circles.

7. Notification + Fixed Google bar : stop the notification bar Google + for faster access to notifications and other features.

8. G + Friends First : you can set the default stream to load every time you log on to Google +.

9. Google Auto Pager Plus: allows you to automatically select the “other” easier to scroll through the updates, profiles and more.

10. Nicknames For Google Plus allows you to add icons to our contacts nickname and G +.

11. Show full size photos albums plus links to Google : we will add a new item of the gear G + where you can open a page containing the full-size photos and related links.

12. Google + Facebook : add an icon on your Facebook page G + to be able to quickly access content on the site directly to Google + blue.

13. Surplus (Chrome): allows you to access the notifications, etc. share items directly from Chrome, you will find on any page (not necessarily on G + so).

14. Google + -> Contrast, denser, More Features (Chrome): allows you to customize the scrolling, the background, the navigation bar, the size of images and any other page element.

15. Google + Ultimate Plus for Google (Chrome): another extension, very complete, to customize the look and layout of Google +.

16. Move Your Photos (Chrome): transfer your photos from Facebook into Google +.

17. Photo Importer (Firefox): As above but for Mozilla Firefox.

18. Start + G (Chrome): allows you to integrate with Facebook and Twitter directly to the G + also giving you the chance to share a stream of both social networks.

19. GoogleMinus (Chrome – Firefox): This extension notifies you who has deleted from the circles.

20. GTools + (Chrome): allows you to modify and customize the black bar + Google.

21. Layouts Plus for Google (Chrome): allows you to set a background image in Google +.

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